On the Floor Again-Paperback

On the Floor Again-Paperback

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On a sunny, summer Saturday morning, two days before her 35th birthday, Mia Montgomery’s world turned upside down—literally, like someone shook the snow globe in which she had previously always resided unaware.  Mia found herself trapped inside her body, as her limbs and torso shook wildly out of control.  Her senses still worked, as did her mind, and therefore she could see, feel, hear, and think as her first-ever seizure rocked her body.  Terrified, she was plunged into a dark journey of multiple seizures per day, and a medical merry-go-round of tests, doctors, medications, and finally a somewhat murky diagnosis—Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES).


On the Floor Again chronicles Mia’s journey, not just through her battle with her diagnosis, but readers gain insight into the stressors and traumas that led to that fateful day. Before PNES, Montgomery describes herself as a bright young woman growing up and making her way in small-town Missouri.  Tragedy and heartache knock her to her knees more than once, but she courageously picks herself up over and over again.


Then come the seizures, overtaking her like relentless ocean waves, sweeping her feet from beneath her, and crashing her on the rocks of hard luck.  Through raw excerpts from her personal journals and blog, as well as stunning photographs taken following her seizures, Montgomery takes the reader inside her journey as her entire world shifts upside down. 


Follow her descent from a successful entrepreneur and therapist, to a woman stripped of her job, her health, her children, and her independence. As Montgomery fights to regain her sense of self, she is forced to adapt new perspectives as she finds herself On the Floor Again.


    Paperback. 192 pages.


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